free online martial arts course

This course is designed to give you an overview of what it's like to enroll in an online martial arts course.

You'll experience multiple modules, with several lessons per module. You'll learn a basic martial art technique, proper stance, overview of at home training guides, and even have the opportunity to take an exam - everything you'll experience in your Accelerated Black Belt Course.


Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Welcome
Lesson 2 How Online Martial Arts Works
Lesson 3 Staying on Track: Sample Workout Guide
Module 2 Mastering Skills and Techniques
Lesson 1 A Sample Lesson: Front Snap Kick
Lesson 2 Skill and Technique Reinforcement
Module 3 Learning and Mastering Kata
Lesson 1 Introduction to Kata
Lesson 2 Sample Lesson: Learning Stances for Kata
Lesson 3 Practicing Kata - Skill Drill Examples
Module 4 Testing Your Knowledge
Lesson 1 Overview of the Testing Process
Lesson 2 Sample Test
Module 5 Skill Drill Library and Other Free Addons
Lesson 1 More Training Aids Available - Free
Module 6 Take the Next Step...
Lesson 1 Take the Next Step...